GameBus lets you perform the activities you enjoy truly as an individual in such a way that you are part of an integrated social interaction.

Mission Statement

GameBus is a platform that encourages and rewards families and friends to stay active socially, mentally and physically in a personalized gaming experience. GameBus enables people to perform the activities they enjoy truly as an individual in such a way that they are part of an integrated social interaction.

Build your team!

In daily life it appears challenging to balance between professional goals, personal fitness and leisure activities as well as family quality time, especially involving multiple generations. GameBus empowers you to stay active and enjoy quality time with those you love the most. Just invite friends and family members of all generations to build your team!

Play together!

For GameBus social means interacting with other people, either in real life or via a digital medium. The goal is to stimulate positive interaction between people. This can help prevent people from developing feelings of loneliness or not feeling part of society. Also, we aim to strengthen ties between people. This being between people who already visit each other frequently but also between people who are not able to meet people all that much. We stimulate people to meet with one another more often and to go pay a visit to those who are visited rarely.

Win rewards!

GameBus allows you to participate in games & challenges. You will need to socialize, exercise, solve puzzles and more. Meaning every member can contribute with their own special abilities. Your team members can play their favorite games, your performances will be combined into an overall team score. The important thing is to be part of the team and have fun! When you score at GameBus challenges, your accomplishments are rewarded with special prizes offered by our sponsors.

GameBus App: Integrated Health Gamification

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." GameBus is the only App that rewards its users for performing activities in all of those three categories.

GameBus allows you to participate in physical, cognitive and social activities. Each activity type has their own unique set of characteristics to improve your health and wellbeing.

Physical Activities

In this category you and your team will score points by moving your bodies! You will use apps (and wearables) — like Runkeeper and Endomondo — to track how much you are walking, trekking, running, cycling, swimming or performing any other physical activity. Enjoy the movement! To score points on GameBus, you can track your wellbeing activities using apps amongst others. Learn how to connect.

Cognitive Activities

Here your team’s knowledge and intelligence is put to test. Mathematical knowledge, problem solving and intellect are the skills necessary to score points in this category. Expect sudoku, trivias and other games — i.e. provided by Strava and Griddlers — as possible challenges. Think about it!

Social Activities

Get together with family, friends, and other people from your community. Get points by engaging with them in many activities such as visiting someone, taking selfies in a park or spending some quality time. Let’s socialize!


While spreading the word on GameBus, we sometimes meet people who stand out of the pack. These people work inspiring for their friends, colleagues and ourselves.

What is your GameBus story? We are curious; let us know your story!

Marcel Hulsen

HRM Office ZuidZorg

I got introduced to GameBus when I started working at the Innovation Workspace of ZuidZorg. Currently, we are implementing GameBus for employees in our headquarters and we will soon implement GameBus in other layers of our organization. I consider GameBus as a very instructive project, and I am sure our organization will benefit from this initiative.

Walter Vermeylen

Power User

Since the age of 24 I suffer from a rheumatic disease. Sports, exercises, it was a natural part of my life. All of that disappeared however and unfortunately it lead automatically to social exclusion. Thanks to the GameBus App I now feel challenged again to be physically active, to pursue a healthy lifestyle and expand my social contacts, within and beyond my family circle.

Eleonora Armani

Social Worker

I participated to testing activities in 2015 and I found GameBus very engaging. I created a team with my friends, and we tracked various activities such as walking or running. We could do that together, or separately. Either way we could gain points to participate to various contests (challenges) rewarding teams with prizes provided by local non profit business. Everything was nice and I also knew other teams and people via the challenge leaderboard...


We are looking for ambassadors who want to share their experience with GameBus here. Send us your experience!

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